Distribution: April 29, 2019
Harman Embedded Audio integrates Harman/Kardon speaker in KT ‘GigaGenie Table TV’, the first display type IPTV set-top box
  • Full-range speaker with THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) reproduces sound of all genres and ranges from high to low without distortion
  • Double passive radiator delivers powerful, balanced sound with richer bass
  • Golden Ears, highly experienced professional listening test group of Harman verified the Accurate and sophisticated sound

HARMAN International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., focused on connected technologies for automotive, consumer and enterprise markets, announced that it has applied the speaker technology of its premium audio brand Harman/Kardon to kt ‘GigaGenie Table TV’, the first display type IPTV set-top box in Korea.

The Haman/Kardon Speaker System, which is installed on the kt’s AI ‘GigaGenie Table TV’ which reinforces the smart media life of consumer, is a 2 channel stereo speaker module optimized for ‘GigaGenie Table TV’ and designed by Harman’s engineers. Two 40mm full-range speakers cover whole range of sound areas from high to low, with a particularly low-distortion, responsive cone that reduces harshness and keep the sound clearer for a more relaxed sound experience. In addition, it features a double passive radiator for a more balanced and powerful sound with richer bass.

Harman/Kardon speaker system was completed after several months of sound tuning by Harman engineers. The Golden Ears Group, a highly trained Harman professional listening test group, selected by Harman’s own program, performed an accurate and sophisticated sound verification through 27 items in 9 categories. As a result, it produces beautiful and powerful bass and delivers natural and superb sound with high-pitched details without artifacts.

In addition, kt’s AI ‘GigaGenie Table TV’ is equipped with 11.6-inch display and can use audio / video-based AI service without connecting a separate screen (TV, monitor, etc.). Also, without wired LAN connection, it provides AI TV service only through WiFi connection.

"In the rapidly growing artificial intelligent speaker market, ‘GigaGenie Table TV’ is leading the market with a display IPTV set-top box that is the first in the industry to be able to watch TV, not just a display," said James Park, country manager of Haman International Korea. “Harman has been offering a Harman/Kardon’s premium sound to the entire model lineup from the kt ‘GigaGenie 1,2’ to the latest ‘GigaGenie LTE 'models. I am very pleased to be working with kt to lead the market and increase the value of the consumer experience one step further" added Mr. Park.

Model GiGA Genie Table TV(CT1105)
Speaker 16W (Harman/kardon)
Display 11.6인치/FHD(1920x1080) 16:9 화면사이즈
Size/Weight 145.8x289x219mm(W x L x H) / 1,950g
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.1 / Class 1
Mic 2 x Mic
WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac 2.4G/5G Dual band(2T2R)
Wire Internet RJ-45 Ethernet port 1EA 10/100Mbps
USB USB 2.0 (500mA)
Manufacturer Gaon Media